Here at Aspire Together Regenerative Center Regen Med Research Clinic, we are a research center that offers biologic regenerative therapies. We want to facilitate cellular therapy in different clinical applications utilizing a variety of cell-based products to gather information that will prove that regenerative therapy is medically necessary to improve many diagnoses without needing surgical interventions, toxic medications, or extremely costly and painful procedures that only decrease the symptoms of the disease or pained area. We want to find the root of the problem and solve the problem, and only then will the symptoms be resolved forever.

I have been having issues over the last year with my knees causing friction and pain when I exercise. I had the stem cell injection and within a few days, I felt relief and could no longer hear my knees grinding with exercise. Now at four months out I still feel great and I’m so happy with the results.

Heather Antritt

After years of research and using multiple products from different labs and a big thank you to my dear friend Dr. AJ, who is a global trainer for regenerative medicine, he introduced me to a new lab with an excellent product offering a much richer concentration of growth factors, cytokines, collagen, fibrinogen, hyaluronic acid, messenger RNS, and undifferentiated cells.

Are you seeking proof that it works? Well, let me assure you—I am living proof. Allow me to share a condensed version of my story. Please note that there’s a much more detailed account, but thanks to stem cell therapy, I’m here today not only to share my personal journey but also to serve as an advocate and provider of the finest treatment options for any disease or injury.