At Aspire for Wellness Together in Bradenton Florida, we offer premium Xeomin® treatments designed to help you achieve a refreshed, youthful appearance. Xeomin® is a highly effective injectable treatment that targets dynamic wrinkles and fine lines, leaving you with smoother, more rejuvenated skin.


Xeomin®, similar to BOTOX, is a neurotoxin derived from botulinum toxin type A. When injected into targeted facial muscles, Xeomin®temporarily paralyzes them, effectively reducing the appearance of dynamic wrinkles and preventing new ones from forming. What sets Xeomin®apart is its unique formulation, which contains only the pure, active ingredient without any additional proteins or additives. This makes Xeomin®an excellent choice for individuals seeking a potent and reliable treatment for their wrinkles.

In addition to its wrinkle-reducing properties, Xeomin® offers a range of cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. One of the key advantages of Xeomin® is its ability to provide natural-looking results without altering facial expressions. By targeting specific muscles, Xeomin® can soften lines and wrinkles while preserving your ability to smile, laugh, and express yourself freely.
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Forehead lines: Xeomin® can smooth away horizontal lines across the forehead, resulting in a more relaxed and youthful appearance.

Crow’s feet: By targeting the muscles around the eyes, Xeomin® can diminish crow’s feet and restore a more refreshed look to the eye area.

Glabellar lines: These vertical frown lines between the eyebrows can be effectively treated with Xeomin®, giving you a smoother, more harmonious facial appearance.

At Aspire for Wellness Together, our experienced practitioners will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. With Xeomin® , you can enjoy natural-looking results that enhance your features and boost your confidence.

In addition to its cosmetic benefits, Xeomin® has been approved by the FDA for various medical applications, including the treatment of chronic migraine headaches, cervical dystonia (neck spasms), and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). This underscores the safety and efficacy of Xeomin® as a trusted treatment option for a wide range of conditions.

With Xeomin® at Aspire for WellnessTogether in Bradenton, FL, you can look forward to a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance that reflects your natural beauty. Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to a brighter, more confident you with Xeomin®.

Treatment Time

Xeomin® injections typically take around 10 to 15 minutes, making it a convenient option for busy individuals.

Recovery Time

There is minimal downtime associated with Xeomin® treatments, allowing you to resume your daily activities almost immediately.


While some patients may experience slight bruising or redness at the injection site, these Xeomin® side effects are temporary and typically resolve within a few days.

When will I see results?

You can expect to see the full effects of Xeomin® within 7 to 10 days after treatment, with results lasting approximately 3 to 4 months.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does Xeomin® last?

Botox® results typically last between 3 to 4 months, but individual results may vary based on factors such as metabolism and muscle activity.

How long does Xeomin® take to work?

The number of Botox® units needed varies depending on the treatment area and the severity of the wrinkles. During your consultation, our experienced practitioners will determine the appropriate dosage to achieve your desired results.

Is Xeomin® better than Botox®?

While Botox® treatments are temporary, they can be repeated every 3 to 4 months to maintain optimal results. However, it’s essential to follow your practitioner’s recommendations for the best outcome.

What is the difference between Botox® and Xeomin® ?

While both Botox® and Xeomin® are derived from botulinum toxin type A, they differ in their formulation and manufacturing process. Xeomin® contains only the active ingredient, without any additional proteins or additives.

What is the recommended Xeomin® aftercare?

After receiving Xeomin® injections, it’s essential to avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area for at least 24 hours to prevent the toxin from spreading to unintended muscles. Additionally, avoid strenuous exercise and excessive heat exposure for the first 24 hours post-treatment.