In 2006, during residency, Dr. Mannon contracted bacterial meningitis, leading to a prolonged illness. Despite being initially diagnosed with MS, it took until 2008 to diagnose a rare autoimmune disease called scleroderma, causing collagen overproduction affecting internal organs. The disease, particularly impacting the GI tract and lungs, necessitated surgery and a PICC line for nutrition.

In 2012, Dr. Mannon faced interstitial lung disease (ILD) prognosis with a 30% survival rate. She moved to Florida for a better quality of life. Stem cell transplant discussions at Northwestern were deferred, and she thrived for five years. However, in 2018, ILD worsened, and at 40% lung function, she met Dr. AJ, who administered stem cell infusions. Despite skepticism, the treatment notably improved lung function from 40% to 55%. Over subsequent infusions, CT scans showed scarring, but no active ILD, and breathing tests improved to 70%.

Despite progress, Dr. Mannon grapples with progressive scleroderma affecting various organs. This summer, chest pressure and breathlessness revealed heart issues. A novel biologic therapy, including stem cells through buccal and brown fat injections, improved her condition, emphasizing the systemic impact.

I can truly say that if it wasn’t for regenerative medicine I would not be working, I would be on disability on oxygen therapy or have had to have a lung transplant and here I am working full time and grabbed on to the opportunity to open up a research clinic so I can help as many people as possible feel their best whether it be to overcome a disease, illness or injury or to focus on antiaging, the introduction of all of the vast cells will change your future as it did mine.”

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